Practical Steps for JobKeeper 2.0 – to do before end of this month

If you are already part of JobKeeper 2.0, you don’t need to re-enrol for the December 2020 extension and March 2021 extension.

You don’t need to re-assess your employees eligibility or ask your employees to agree to be nominated again.

The practical thing you can do is if you have Xero, you can actually run through your payroll page. There’s a payroll support page that will outline all your employees that are eligible. With JobKeeper 2.0, it will actually ask which tier are they on, assuming that you are eligible as a business and you meet the decline in the turnover test first.

You don’t need to do re-enrolling but there will be a lot of testing around how many hours your employees work, which tier do they belong in, testing around your actual turnover of September 2020, versus 2019, or alternative tests. You have to reassess your employees.

You also don’t need to meet any further requirements if you are claiming as a business participant. If you are already claiming as before, you don’t need to change that over, assuming you are eligible as a business. You still need to test your turnover first before you move forward.

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